About Us

Surf Saunton is a new Surf School located at Saunton Sands beach on the North Devon coastline, widely known as one of the most spectacular beaches in the country. With its 3 and a half miles of epic golden sands, backed by stunning dunes and family friendly access, there is no better place in England for a beachside holiday with perfect waves.

Not only is Saunton one the most stunning beaches in the U.K. more importantly, it is a great beach to learn and improve your surfing skills. With the expansive 3 miles stretch of golden beach, crowds are spread significantly thinner compared to other beaches, adding the benefits of greater space for learners and well as a safe environment to learn. Furthermore, the wave conditions at Saunton are perfect for people looking to learn to surf, picking up the basic skills as well as those looking to refine their more advanced skills.

The waves at Saunton break consistently with up to 200m rides. There is minimal water movement such as currents and rips that you typically get at many other beach breaks in North Devon, again making it a safer environment for those looking to learn to surf. Our instructors are fully qualified ISA instructors as well as qualified beach lifeguards. They are dedicated surfers who are passionate about the sport and have now based their lives around surfing and being able to share their experience and expertise with those looking to learn and improve their surfing skills.

We teach surfers of all age, if below the age of 8 and you’re booking a group lesson we ask for a parent of guardian to join them in the water or a private lesson booking to ensure everyone in the group receives equal tips and attention! If in doubt, please give us a ring!