Yoga North Devon | Beach Yoga | Surf Saunton
Lesson times
1 hour
  • Monday to Sunday 9am – 10am
From £15
1 class £15 3 day course £30 5 day course £40

Here at Surf Saunton have collaborated with some of the finest yoga teachers in the South West. Headed up by Sian Marie @yogawithsianmarie and Megan Alice @methodsofmeg we now provide yoga classes on the beach here at Saunton. The combination of surfing and yoga is something that has grown massively across the globe. From surf-yoga retreats in places such as Bali, Indonesia and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica to a more elite level with professional athletes incorporating the practice into their training. There are clearly huge benefits to practicing yoga, both physically and mentally. As a result, we have looked to diversify our services to help customers achieve such benefits whether it’s in or out of the water.

Our instructors at Surf Saunton teach a style of yoga called Vinyasa Flow, this practice links conscious breathing and fluid movement; conscious breathing to calm the mind, and asanas (yoga postures) linked by fluid movement to energise your body.

Each class will include, meditation, breath work, a wide variety of asanas and a Shavasana (a lying down, relaxing meditation). Our classes encourage you to connect with your breath, whilst strengthening the body and improving your flexibility and balance.

Classes are suitable for all ages and abilities, modifications will be offered where they are needed. Please make your instructor aware of any current injuries you have at the start of the session. (If below age of 12 please get in contact prior to booking).

Sessions run from April: Sat 9am. May-June: Sat, Sun, Mon 9am. July-Aug everyday 9am. Sept-Oct: Sat, Sun 9am.