Surf Mobility & Fitness North Devon | Surt Saunton
Lesson times
1 hour
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays 9.00am-10.00am
From £8
£8 per session £20 for 3 £35 for 5

What is Surf Mobility and Fitness? 

Feel like your flexibility is holding your surfing back? Struggle with getting your feet forward for your pop-up for example? Or just want to stay strong and supple to increase your body’s longevity?

This is not your average exercise class. Instead of holding static stretches to increase flexibility, these sessions aim to move through ranges of motion in a more dynamic fashion, to increase overall functionality. Furthermore, building your body’s control to get in and out of positions will allow you to build both strength and mobility.

The majority of movements here revolve around internal and external rotation at the hip, strengthening those muscles we’re not used to using! Significantly different to the tradition movements we are used to such as walking, running, swimming and of curse sitting!!

Professional surfers such as Jordy Smith, Coco Ho and Mahina Maeda are incorporating such movements into their own training; due to the integral importance of strength and mobility at the hip, knee and ankle for surfing. However, this type of bodyweight training is also perfectly suited to those at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
Moreover, these sessions can help free your body from the constraints of daily working life, simply by moving your body in the way it intended.

Meet Your Instructor 

Rhys trained as a surf instructor in Australia, working in the famous Byron Bay before calling North Devon his home! He is likely to be a friendly familiar face to most of you, with currently three years of experience with us at Surf Saunton.

Within his time here as an instructor Rhys has noticed that a major factor in participants’ progression of surfing, has been the mobility required to carry out the movements for surfing success.

Using his degree of Bsc Sport and Exercise Science from Cardiff Metropolitan University and his knowledge of strength and conditioning within this course; Rhys has developed a program tailored to developing the dynamic strength and mobility applicable to surfing at all levels.

This type of training has also helped Rhys outside of surfing, aiding the rehabilitation from chronic lower back pain, caused mainly by muscle tightness and imbalances.